Requirements – to be or not to be a Rolfer

People of all professions and ages become Rolfers®. The training is set up so that everyone can become a successful Rolfer® – from musicians to physiotherapists to builders and drivers. There is no need to have any specific education in advance.

Many Rolfers® have become Rolfers® because they want to share a positive difference in their lives after receiving a series of 10 sessions themselves. After all, completion of the 10-session series of Rolfing® and, in addition, 5 Rolf Movement® sessions with a Certified Rolfer® is one of the conditions for entering the training. The client experience will allow you to better understand the effects of Rolfing®.

If you have any questions about the training, do not hesitate to contact any of the Rolfers® in the Czech Republic or our association.

The European Rolfing® Association also offers multi-day preparatory workshops called Meet Rolfing® or Spectrum held in different locations around Europe. There you can experience the same overall atmosphere and teaching style that you would encounter in training.