About Us

Asociace Rolfingu® Czech Republic, registered association

We are a professional association of Certified Rolfers® in the Czech Republic. The main purpose of our association is to support and promote Rolfing®. We are all members of the ERA (European Rolfing® Association) and graduates from the DIRI (Dr. Ida Rolf Institute®).

Membership in the above organizations requires us to adhere to international codes of ethics and standards of quality and practice. It also gives us the right to use the service marks “Rolfing®“, “Rolfer®” and the official logo – the logo of a little boy.

European Rolfing® Association (ERA)

The European Rolfing® Association (ERA) is a non-profit organization based in Munich, Germany. It was founded in 1991 as an association of all certified Rolfer® practitioners in Europe. It acts as a support for current and future Rolfer®. Provides training, advanced education of rolfers and mutual professional interconnection of its members. We are the official branch of ERA in the Czech Republic.

Czech rolfers
Czech rolfers