Basic training

Basic certification training consists of 731 hours spread out over 9 months in the Intensive format or 2 years in the Modular format. The admission requirements and training format vary slightly from program to program, so we recommend contacting the school where you wish to study.

Rolfing® can be studied at schools with Dr Ida Rolf Institute® accreditation (DIRI). DIRI conducts trainings at the school’s headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, and in recent years in other locations in the United States, Canada and South Africa. Becoming a Rolfer® in Europe is only possible by attending the trainings held by the European Rolfing® Association (ERA), licensed by the DIRI. Trainings usually take place in a training center in Munich and occasionally in Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and, in the future, Spain. You can also study at the Associação Brasileira de Rolfing® in Brazil.