Basic training format

The training is comprised of three phases. Phase I will provide the essential skills and academic knowledge for the successful study and practice of Rolfing®. Phase II will teach students the skills required to recognise simple structural patterns and to see structure in relation to gravity. Students will also develop a working knowledge of the basics of Rolfing® and Rolf Movement® principles by exchanging 10 sessions with one of your colleagues under the teachers’ supervision. In Phase III students work on clients under instructor supervision.

The intensive format is offered in Munich, twice a year on alternating years and is taught in English exclusively. The modular training is offered in multiple languages and locations throughout Europe.  Each phase can be completed in different places.

The most common language of instruction is English. In Brazil, they also teach in Portuguese; in Europe, courses are sometimes opened in German, French and Italian, and, in the future Spanish. Unfortunately, the study of Rolfing® is not yet offered in Czech.

English is the lingua franca of the worldwide Rolfer® community, in which there is a lively exchange of experiences and a constant reflection of new theoretical and practical findings.

You can also study Rolf Movement® Integration training focused on the functional movement aspects of Rolfing®. You will learn new effective ways to help your clients integrate the results of Rolfing® into everyday life.